Disaster Strikes Team Nerds


Disaster1 (Small)

On Sunday May 19th 2013 I received a call about 10:00am that our office was flooded. It was determined that a water supply line in another unit broke free and was running the entire weekend.  All of our computers and servers and phone system were unaffected by this disaster because all of the equipment was off the floor.

Upon arriving at our office we discovered that the carpet was soaked and there were puddles of water emerging as we walked on the carpet.  The landlord called a plumber who immediately fixed the problem then drained out the water from our unit with their equipment.  Then a water restoration specialist was called in to do remediation.  The carpet and padding was torn out and holes drilled in the walls to prevent mold from forming.

After this was completed they brought in 8 commercial blowers and 1 dehumidifier to dry out our offices.  With all this equipment running it made it impossible to run our business from the office.  Also as a result of all this equipment running day and night we had electrical circuits blowing in the middle of the night several times which caused our systems to go on standby power and notify us of a power outage and put our system on batteries.

This process went on for 2 weeks but, luckily, with our business being in “the cloud” we were able to continue our business operation from outside the office.  Our technicians received their jobs through the internet and processed payments in the field.  They communicated through phone texts and emails for office follow up.

Unfortunately other businesses in our office complex were not so lucky.  One business had 3 computers on the floor and an UPS (Uninterruptible Power Source) on the floor.  Two of the computers had water in them and were able to dry them out and get them running again.  Two of the UPS power backups had to be replaced entirely.  The Network Server was up on a table so they were able to continue their operation after a few days.

Are you prepared in the event of a disaster such as this?

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