Windows 10 is here! But should you upgrade?


Windows 10 logo

I am sure by now you have received the little notification to upgrade to Windows 10, either on the bottom right corner of your taskbar or a big pop up on your screen to download it now. The question you might ask yourself is “Do I need to upgrade?”  The answer to that will differ per person and how comfortable they will be with using the new operating system.


Here are a couple of questions that you should ask yourself before going to Windows 10:
Does my hardware of my computer meet the requirements to run windows 10?
Will my older programs work for it?
Will all my files work for the new operating system?

There has been many already who made the transition over to the Windows 10 and had some issues they came across when doing so. Some older programs didn’t work, files open up with different programs than its original, certain drivers of the system were not compatible and needed to upgrade. Some are minor issues, but most can be avoided if a little research is done before changing over.

Windows 10 is not a bad operating system. You just need to be prepared before any changes happen. Making a back-up of your files before doing the update would be the best thing you can do if you decide to move forward. The free update to windows 10 will end on July 29th. If you need any assistance or just have questions about the process feel free to contact us and we will gladly answer your questions.



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