Here is a simple walk through of the entire website creation process. Please read through this page and the following pages to fully understand our web design process, how the work is completed, and where we fit in to satisfying your website requirements.
Below is the step by step web design process.

1. Complete and submit the Website Request Form – After reading this packet, please fill out the form on the final page and return it. We begin with this request form to discuss your vision and deliver your website.

2. Design Consultation – The request form will be reviewed and we will schedule a consultation where we will discuss your wants and needs for a website, as well as answer any questions.

3. Review Quote – We will prepare and send you an itemized quote for you to review, comment and/or accept. Upon acceptance we request a concept design deposit of 10% which goes toward the total cost of the project.

4. Submit Content – Before designing a concept for your website, we request submission of content (text and pictures) for at least two pages.

5. Review Concept Draft – We will show you the concept we propose for your website. You should then review it and make notes of any changes you would like. We will revise it up to two times. Once this concept is approved we require a 50% deposit (10% already having been paid) towards the project as we go from the approved concept to a fully functional website.

6. Website Coding & Full Content Submission - As the coding begins it is recommended that you submit the remaining content for you website to avoid delays launching the website. The development process may take from one to three weeks depending on the complexity of your website and how quickly you submit content. During your website’s development process you will be given access to comment on the progress of the website.

7. Review Website – You will be granted access to our test server where you can review your website. Please make comments and note any changes you would like. (Changes are limited to the formatting of the content.) Once again, we will make revisions up to two times.

8. Go LIVE! – We will transfer ownership of the website to you and launch your website to be seen by the public (if you are hosting with us, or paid for setup on another server). Once your site is live we will submit it for listing to major search engines. If the website is “user-editable,” you will receive a printable guide describing how to update and make changes to the content on your website.

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